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Hi Ana,
I would say that any sense of separation is an illusion. So, consciousness isn’t a thing outside our being. I’ve understood it so far as consciousness is the essence of our being; the point from which all other points are created. Similarly, I might ask how do we recognize this highest point? How do we direct ourselves from our highest point? And, what is the vehicle of expression being utilized? How is our vehicle of expression utilized consciously? @question

What I’ve experienced so far, is that there is a flow of energy from above to below. When we let go, we’re letting go of the forms of expression in order to allow them to come into alignment naturally. This natural alignment is in accordance with our highest will recognizable to us at any point in time.

So, the question for me is what is my highest knowable self at this juncture and how do I demonstrate that? This is what I believe so far to be living in the flow. We let go of things like the past, the future outcomes, fears, doubts, time, location, etc…to allow what is to come into expression. Then the universe aligns with that intention to cradle us, because it is our reflection at the point of awareness.

I hope this shines a little light for you. I appreciate your questions, as I bring my own awareness to our shared creation of something which is beautiful.


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