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Hello, Deepak and of course all contributors to this wonderful forum. This is by far the best use of ‘time’ I have discovered in a very long while. Before I begin with my own attempt at examining how we create our experience of time, etc., I must explain that I have not yet read the book because it will be a birthday present in a few days. Oh how I wish time would hurry on this occasion. After I have read the book, I will look back at the few responses to this and other issues I have responded to and see how they compare (or not) with your thinking.
I have often wished I could ignore time and simply get on with this life. That however will never work because the world about me is completely embroiled in time… to get ready for school, start work, pick up groceries, etc; so, how can I live outside this sometimes rather vicious circle?
I read a comment by a travel writer yesterday. He was describing life in a remote village in Ethiopia where they extracted water from a desert well with a bucket attached to a long rope which they threw down the well and used a donkey to pull the bucket back up. The writer suggested that they needed a machine for this work but then what would happen when it stopped working. . . needed parts . . . ? It would simply fall into disuse as many offerings from well-meaning aid agencies had over the years. And then there was the politics of the country; they simply passed them by, made no difference, whatever happened outside, their lives carried on in the way they always had.They do what they must by day and sleep when darkness falls. Some things they do will be incorporated into village life and slowly, some of their ways will change, yet they live outside the worlds timezone.
When a story was told about something that had once happened in their lives, it was referred to as an event from the past and not given a specific time-frame. The market in a distant town trades daily so the villagers arrive there when they have something to trade. They have no need to know when Friday will fall as I do and that to get the best produce it is advisable to arrive at the market before 10.00 a.m., after my daughter has left for school at 8.30.
Time in this Ethiopian village is marked by events that have taken place as it is by me in my more complicated life. I feel at my best when I am free to think and experience the joys of life without time constraints. Time is a system of reference that my spirit has no need of.

I hope this little ramble has been of some help. I could write much more but alas, time at this moment is not on my side.

Peace, love and happiness, Steve C

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