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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Jennifer, thank you for such a beautiful post, I loved reading your musings. I am so glad that we share this feeling of being at home on the forum, together. We can talk about things that are intimately true, knowing that there will be recognition.

Your thoughts about what to pay attention to when forms are everywhere and there is sensory overload… as you wrote, at those moments we need to go within, we need silence. But this renunciation of experience is not a denial or refusal of the gifts life comes with. It is simply a way to go deeper, beyond experience. Not even the best gifts of the world (beautiful nature, friends, meaningful work, adventures, etc) are worth anything unless we know that which gives birth to them all. To use a word we all here know by now- consciousness itself.

Knowing consciousness itself as the true Self, we can then delight in the creations of consciousness, and we can also create with full awareness. We won’t be creating a desperate world from despair or lack, but will be creating paradise from the sheer joy of becoming the world. As you say, the world we experience is a reflection of being.

So it doesn’t surprise me that @sree is surrounded by lotus flowers 🙂 Dear Sree, I loved your picture! I understand your metaphor about being in the world but not of it, but… those water droplets on the lotus leaf are very much like hearts, wouldn’t you say? What do you think/see, @lilianna-deveneau ?