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Hello, @sri !

Thank you for posting the beautiful photo of the lotus flower. I enjoy your insights about beauty and ugliness being in the eyes of the beholder. I’m reminded of a meditation group I belonged to many years ago where we were reminded that, while we give something aesthetic value for its beauty or ugliness, it’s all part of the beauty of creation from the same source. God is. It’s a nice reminder with your words, too. And, reminds me of Dr. Chopra reminding us to look as if for the first time.

@aurorac – heart shapes, such as the water droplet on the lotus leaf, have been a theme for me, too. I remember you writing about this in another thread (correct me if I’m wrong), though I didn’t post there (I don’t think?), I was lurking.;P I also like to pay attention to occurrences like these. The heart shape reminds me of joy and collective consciousness – we are not alone to do the spiritual work. Our coming together on the forum is proof! <3 Even though, we are “in the world and not of it.”