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Hello @aurorac,
What a delight to wake up this morning and find your reply in my inbox! I hopped out of bed to get to my computer where I could respond. #whatidoforfunontheweekend. ;P

What I love about this forum are the opportunities for deep reflection and sharing insights that resulted from that. I experience it as going deeply within to the jewel (reminded of Sri’s lotus flower) where all knowledge is given, discovering how we connect as souls now and then bringing through the needed words to say. I really hear words coming through! It’s a beautiful, intuitive process so far as I’ve experienced, and one I’ve been discovering and developing thanks, in part, to this forum, as I’ve had many opportunities to write since the forum’s inception. It’s a creative, collective (wouldn’t happen with you), holistic, going deep down into my socks, kind of experience, where I come out feeling completely in love with everyone!

Deeply felt gratitude to you for your insights, to the authors for creating the book and forum for these discussions, and to all who come together!

All comments welcome! <3