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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Robin, thanks for asking the question and setting in motion such creative thoughts through both Deepak and yourself.

I recognize the frustration when scientists ignore the actually relevant questions, but I also know that living Ken Wilber’s insights means both including (understanding, having compassion for) a prior view, and transcending it. In other words, I understand those scientists and have compassion for them, because their world-view is not unknown to me. To me, that view feels terribly tight, but hey… that’s how the world looks from there!

I too watched the dialogue between Deepak and Marianne and am dreaming of a new type of politics, grounded in awareness of what Deepak calls absolute truth in the video above. I must say that I for one see Deepak’s view as including and transcending that of Marianne, holons within holons to use a Ken Wilber term. There is no more struggling, fighting or despair as soon as you have fully remembered the unity of that which is creating it all. Whom would you fight against when it’s all one self appearing as many? The more inclusive holon is liberated from the powerlessness and struggle of the prior one, and creativity happens with ease when there is more awareness.

I loved your joke Robin! If Deepak walked into that bar with the three gentlemen, he would probably do a live video, presenting the possibility of a flood in 30 days, and asking loosely if it is an experience that is easily, naturally and passionately chosen in consciousness 🙂 If not, we could simply choose something else…

For anyone who would like to watch it, here is the conversation on integral politics between Deepak and Marianne, with Bob Thurman chiming in at the end: