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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Ana ( @anitasanjuan ),

such a beautiful question you ask! It will be great to hear the answers of the authors.
I love the way you describe your insights and goal, and I find that Jennifer’s ( @jenniferl ) description harmonizes with yours.

My view is similar to what you both describe and to answer your question Ana, to be a perfect mindbody instrument of consciousness one needs to walk the path guided by the inner compass. Every one of us starts from a different set of conditioning factors and in order to free ourselves from them we need to take a certain path unique to our personal make up. But in essence, all we need to do is discern between the real and the unreal at every step. Whatever object, thought, feeling or situation we observe, we can ask: is this real?.

If the reality of the observed is relative… then we can discard it, meaning we can free ourselves from believing in its existence independent of and separate from the observer. In this way, slowly, all experiences of any kind are realized as one’s own creations. Slowly, the separate identity dissolves, fear and struggle subside, love and gratitude shine unrestricted and we find ourselves at home in simply Being, which is, at any moment, becoming. We allow the Real (consciousness) to become the Unreal (experience) without ego involvement but with full, passionate participation.

In short, how do we become an instrument of consciousness? By going through whatever stories we need to go through in order to realize that everything is consciousness 🙂