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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Steve ( @stevecostello ),

What an absolutely delightful post you shared with us, thank you! I think other friends like @jenniferl @robin @sree @lilianna-deveneau and of course @derek-whitney might enjoy reading and chimeing in, time is such an interesting topic. And from reading the above post- maybe @anasanjuan if she finds the time! Hugs to you dear Ana 🙂

Is it time to wish you a happy birthday Steve? Not really yet I think, a couple of days more 🙂 On one level, I can get the date right or wrong of course, but on another level Steve… your birthday is just an idea, is it not? It is a concept of beginning embedded into another concept, that of the Gregorian calendar, which is embedded into the story of linear time we people have invented. It will be wonderful to hear your thoughts after you have read the chapter about time in #YATU!

Escaping the prison of time has been a goal for many seekers, and there are many tips and tricks on how to do that 🙂 I remember when I started to use a time-stopping mantra. How amazing life became! Every time I found myself saying “this is impossible, I will never make it in time”… I found myself smiling when I had made it in time, miraculously. Many of my students have reported the same results when playing with that mantra. But the trick is to be able to shift levels of reality. The linear time level is the most heavy, concrete level, but if you go to a more subtle level, things are not set in stone. From there even time is just a construct. The societies you so beautifully told us about, were comfortable perceiving from the subtle level and didn’t need to create fixed time structures. Being attuned, they manifested the product they needed or the customer to buy it, when they needed it. That’s what we need to do in our societies too, and that’s what those do who are not fooled by the surface level. Whenever it’s time, you know it inside, and all who are supposed to move with you know it too 🙂 And the nice part is that this process is not random, but connected to the intention of universal consciousness. Your own deepest intention.

There is so much to discuss 🙂 I am so glad for you all dear friends, glad and grateful that we can share our knowings and insights, our questions and answers… something magical happens in this process. Was it the right time to meet? 🙂

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