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Lol…thanks for updating the joke, Aurora! Speculating about the possible audience takeaway would be to Deepak’s alternate approach, I wonder: if we wanted to choose something beside the flood, what would we choose? And would there be agreement among us–not just the #YATU community, but all the world? Makes me think, as the original joke did, about the Noah story. If we could manifest or build the technology that enables us to survive the flood (or live underwater!) would we also include the animals and terra-based plant life? Could we use reverse-evolution to turn birds back into fish? And would humans grow gills after several hundred millennia to survive independently underwater? Or would we run off to Mars and build an Earth-like world underground? And would some of us simply choose extinction rather than evolve under the circumstances?

So many questions! (As usual…)

I am also intrigued by your take on the integrated politics video, and wonder what Deepak’s differences are with Marianne’s views? He alluded to the fact that they don’t always agree…is it that ACIM is limited when looking through a #YATU lens? After all, if a miracle is simply a change in perspective, we don’t need God or any superpower to achieve that. We may simply choose to change the film running on the screen inside our minds. It is manifest as soon as we see Absolute truth as the only “is” that is, and that I am. And I am not. On a walk with my dog and a friend this morning, I practiced incorporating the (Raja??) yoga practice Deepak recommended at the end of the video above: seeing my Self in everything that is/is not me: I am the lake. I am not the lake. I am a drop of water in the lake. I am not a drop of water. I am a leaf. I am not a leaf. In terms of form, it feels like the negation of what I am simply affirms that I am that. Or as God tells Moses, I Am that I Am.

And yes, that ability to see Absolute truth includes and transcends all previous worldviews as holons. I imagine holons to be like the Russian nesting dolls from the inside out. Each doll is complete in itself and represents the relative truth of its moment until the next larger doll encapsulates it, and so on.

Meanwhile, on this Memorial Day weekend in Maryland, USA, the rains continue, intermittent but insistent. I can see them as threatening or replenishing. I choose the latter. As we were paddling on the lake earlier, I saw a hawk overhead, carrying a snake as it flew towards an island in the middle of the lake. Not quite the dove and the olive branch but, hey, I’ll take any sign that signals the relative health of our planet!

Wondering what signs other folks in this forum have experienced lately, and can report on?