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That is actually two different questions, both of which are misleading.

In the subject line that I clicked on it read “Do your thoughts influence reality?” No… how can thoughts influence reality? Thoughts stem from reality.

Then you went on to suggest that thoughts are influencing some kind of reality “out there”. There is no “out there” or “in here”. There is only ONE reality from which all of creation stems… like the tree of life.

From my experience, thoughts form part of the creative process, but to break the creative process down into steps that happen consecutively is ridiculous, because creation occurs outside of time. It like asking: “What came first the chicken or the egg?” Neither… creation occurs outside of time.

Perhaps their is another question here: “Is thought a necessary part of the creative process?” I think it might be necessary for participating for the majority of humans currently, but for some it is an unnecessary burden. Some people take it on as a sacrifice to serve.