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Menas Kafatos
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Dear ddbb ( @duckduckbearbear ):

Brain and mind are complementary constructs. They arise from experience in Awareness. One may say that “mind” is more “primary” but even that statement is relative and based on experience (confirmed by modern quantum mechanics which has often been described as a mental theory of interactions with (I would say apparently) external Nature.

is the physical TV with all its integrated circuitry the “creator” of a program we watch on TV? Certainly not. But without a physical TV, we could not watch any TV program. The physical TV is there to allow us to see TV programs. In that sense, the TV program is primary.

I realize this is a crude analogy but maybe it will help.

Your question matters, in my view, to begin to assign some sort of ordering. Realizing that any ordering is itself arbitrary and not Reality itself.



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