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Menas Kafatos
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Yes @elena , @diane-e-harper and All:

“The underlying reality Consciousness, is conscious Awareness
The source of the universe is a field of nothing meaning, dimensionless, timeless,spaceless, massless, it is the source of all the energy and matter of the universe and it may have organising power because from this appears a universe that seems organised and finally it could be a field of awareness that is aware of itself.
Randomness only create chaos”

It is the Field of Awareness. It is everything. Here is the additional point: Chaos itself is part of Awareness. Randomness appears as giving rise to not knowing but, underlying all is Knowingness.

Randomness is from the outside, Knowingness is from the inside. The “inside” is the pure Subject. Which manifests as multiplicity, all depending on the pure Subject.

Again, Complementarity.


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