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I love that. Thanks so much Jennifer. Interesting that you brought up the Gita because many years ago (the first time I read the Gita) I had a realization that I have recently been pondering again. It was the idea of sacrifice. How it is a part of the creative process. What are your thoughts on that? Steering away from the normal connotations that have come from Western thinking… is sacrifice what brings something into form?

While I was reading the Gita at that time I looked around at my environment trying to find one object that was not brought into form through sacrifice. Not just sacrifice of an individual but sacrifice by multiple individuals with a common purpose even if they were unaware of that purpose at that time. The fact that any object in the room where I sit right now passed through many processes and hands all around the world to make it’s way into this form for a purpose displays that. One can hardly be aware of each individual sacrifice from the idea for it’s original prototype, to it’s reproducing etc. From this perspective looking at a pillow, for example, from the point of the very first idea for such an object, to the communication of the idea, to it’s original creation, to the global acceptance and reproduction and purchase and so on…just the creation of that object altered the world for humanity infinitely. Therefore this pillow is a timeless object.

Now looking at the creation of a human it follows the same process, from inception to birth and throughout it’s entire life span it’s form is created and recreated through sacrifice. If you try to look at it chronologically it makes no sense. One could say the start of the life comes from two individuals sacrificing half a cell each to ultimately form what sit’s here typing on this computer. But they did not just sacrifice that, they sacrificed much more than that, and so did their predecessors and even when this physical body is no longer in this form it is sacrificed for something else to become of it and the life that was lived in this form has infinite repercussions for all of humanity as the universe is forever altered because it come into form. Therefore even the physical body is infinite. It is timeless.

Applying the same idea to world politics, religion and leadership today (which has been my recent experimental interest from a social perspective) the sales pitch for a handful of ideologies seems to be what individuals are using to create with and collectively alter the human experience. There can be no point of origin and the creations are timeless… but is there a sacrifice that creates the shift towards a world that transcends these basic ideologies?

What are your thoughts on sacrifice?