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Aurora Carlson
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Haha… Robin, Ken Wilber’s holons as Russian nesting dolls! I love that! Perfect way to visualize. It is also nice how my mind immediately connected that with the President Show I recently saw where there was a row of such dolls on a shelf behind the president, another joke which nicely takes us to Marianne Williamson and Integral Politics.

Spinning further on your thoughts I would say … the holon where we are many and have to decide whose preference of weather or politics to choose is a tiny Russian doll, a very conflicted one. But it is nested in an infinitely expanded holon where all views are playful views of the One, adventures of the timeless One into the world of timespace. The One is not in timespace, and when the One choose differently, the timespace world shifts.

Marianne represents consciousness still mesmerized by the timespace holon, still fighting and struggling with all the other views, tendencies and wishes. It is still difficult, it is still an effort to gather enough energy behind one view in order to make it dominant. You have to shout louder than the others and you have to convince as many as you can. That is a very logical thing to do in that holon, and she is truly pointing to the way out, she is passionately expressing the longing of all those who are banging their heads against the limits of that holon, frustrated that the world still isn’t changing and the deluge is still coming.

Deepak on the other hand is speaking from outside the Russian doll of timespace 🙂 He is no longer fighting and struggling, he is speaking from the point of view of the One who simply needs to choose differently in order to change the mindbody of the world. This choice is not an effort, it is simply a subtle choice that easily arises out of blissful preference. When you are perfectly well (=in the infinitely expanded timeless holon), it is easy to choose if to experience this or that. If you are unwell (in the constricted timespace holon), choice can be a great struggle as most choices appear as dangers to the self.

We are all a set of Russian dolls from the infinite to the local. The problem is that most of us are only used to “look” from the tiny localized point of view. We all speak from where we are, and to all of us, our point of view makes sense. The small dolls are points of view easy to understand for all the larger dolls, but the reverse is not true, the more expanded points of view seem like mysteries, lies or fantasies to those who have not yet been there. But the bud is always blooming and we are all opening up to the next expansion when the season is right.

I hope you are enjoying Memorial Day, may this day bring back the memory of wholeness to as many as possible. When the hawk carrying a snake and the dove with an olive branch are seen as creations of the untouched Self then the choice between them (or something entirely different) is always easy and playful.