Reply To: Spirit Matters Interview With Dr. Menas Kafatos

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Aurora Carlson
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This was a very interesting interview, thank you Menas! It was great to hear about your background, about the cooperation with Deepak, how you avoided the G-word (ha!) and why science and spirituality are such natural companions to you. It is always inspiring to hear the point of view of scientists who are open and inclusive of all dimensions of the world, inner and outer.

Am also glad to hear that you share the conclusion I too have arrived at, that the soft and hard sciences both are starting to open up and accept the deeper insights human beings have actually had for centuries. I wonder what our friends @robin @lilianna-deveneau @lindzyb or @duckduckbearbear think, if they have noticed such an opening in science circles, to ancient spiritual insights albeit clothed in new terms.

I had not thought of the shift you mention, from the usage of the term “consciousness” to “conscious awareness”. I think it is a welcome shift, and in my conversations on this issue in Swedish and other languages I find it amusing how no corresponding term actually expresses the reality behind it. Words denoting concrete things are easy, it gets harder with abstract concepts, but when we arrive at the source of all concepts… I am not sure any word will ever work. On the other hand, when those conversing have the experience, they don’t even need words, a silent smile can be enough 🙂

Thank you Menas for enriching our knowledge and experience, I look forward to more interviews from you!