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Hi Celia,
Curious to know what you mean by the word “sacrifice.” I just looked it up, and it has many meanings depending on context–as an act of slaughter as an offering to God, surrender, abandonment, allowing an opponent to win, a bunt in baseball to allow one’s teammates to advance, and many other concepts.

I don’t really see conception–the joining of one egg and sperm–as a sacrifice, but more as a joining. To my mind, it is one of humanity’s most selfless acts of unity. So perhaps if we shift the awareness to these sacrifices not as a “giving up” that results in a personal loss, it is a joining, or “giving to” each other to create a union–and here, the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Preamble to the US constitution, for We the People of the United States “to form a more perfect union,” spring to mind–the joining together is a sacrifice at one level, but on another, it strengthens us all to act on the best impulses of our collective states.

Meaning, to my mind, we form this union to transcend our weaknesses and limitations, no matter the sacrifice of our individual impulses; the good of the whole transcends the good of the individual.

Does that make sense?

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