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Hi @robin 🙂 Yes now that I googled that word it has some pretty messed up connotations linked to a suspect definition 🙂 LOL

I was looking at it in the context of metaphysical text as I read it but not as the majority of humans seem to have perceived it in the past. That seems to be a definition that has not evolved past the primitive mind. There are so many different levels at which it can be perceived and it is relevant at every single one of them but let me see if I can find a definition that fits this idea.

In wikipedia I found this sentence: “Sacrifice is the offering of food, objects or the lives of animals to a higher purpose, in particular divine beings, as an act of propitiation or worship.” What if we redefined it, like you said, as “Sacrifice is a selfless offering to a higher purpose.” This is a broader definition. It actually seems to be the understanding in modern Christian teachings for example. It also seems to be a definition accepted by your modern feminist culture whereby they bring into awareness how much a mother gives up or “sacrifices” to raise a child. Although the latter refers to personal sacrifice it is still relevant as it contributes to humanity as a whole. One can also look at this and say humans consume animals and plants which is a sacrifice for them to remain in this ever evolving mobile form. Would that better fit what I just said?

I would say it is something done in unity orchestrated by a higher intelligence. It is to serve. But one couldn’t call it service in this context as I am speaking about it as part of the creative process…

You could say that I am discarding birth and death in this context and definition because in my knowledge of reality there is no such thing. As I type this, cells in this body are “dying” and new cells are forming. But they are not really dying they are simply changing form as is this physical body. Sacrificing one form for another. Therefore this body is constantly changing and evolving through sacrifice.

What you said here: “Meaning, to my mind, we form this union to transcend our weaknesses and limitations, no matter the sacrifice of our individual impulses; the good of the whole transcends the good of the individual.” That’s a PHENOMENAL insight!!!

Do you think that is a better definition for what I was saying? A broad definition sort of all encompassing…