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Dear @celia and @robin (and @aurorac 😊),

Thank you, Celia, for your comments given with such fiery aspiration! ❤ And to Robin, as you asked about what is meant by the word, “sacrifice.” My understanding, so far…

The awareness of sacrifice as a universal law… how this helps explain the process of expanding awareness…Sacrifice is to the forms, what life is to the living conscious breath of Being. What do we want to let go of to see this more clearly? This is sacrifice…what we let go of.

On another turn of the spiral, it’s called death. Death is to the forms, including the physical body, and our personalities…all vehicles of expression, for that matter, sacrificed to a greater conscious awareness than the previous one. And yet, we know ourselves as immortals, living in the Eternal Now, right?

Let’s not jump into volcanoes, just yet. ;P How do we function in the world without being of it? We let go of the limited awareness in order for the higher or more expansive awareness to come through with clarity (unhindered)….everything, everything, everything falls into place on the physical planes (or beneath the soul level of awareness, at least) when we can let go of the need to control it; thereby, creating “Heaven” on Earth.

Are we responsible, yet? Being includes responsibility or the ability to respond to the energies with clarity or purity of intention…even with mundane everyday occurrences such as did you remember to pay the bills? What is your purpose now that you’re here on earth? This is what we call responding to the energies…of your own being…in every thought, feeling, action…and noting as it comes back to you (to bring it back to the topic do thoughts create reality). YATU! The feedback is AWESOME around here! Oops, my lights flickered. But, it get’s even more subtle than that, as you are all clearly aware. <3

And for you, @celia,…on an even higher turn of the spiral…what sacrifice?! Aren’t we there yet? So far as I can see, that’s true, too. We eternally walk together upon the “inner” planes. Was there ever anything other than this?

Here’s another reading from the Gita. With love! <3

Bhagavad Gita 2:62-72

62 When a man dwells on the pleasures of the sense, attraction for them arises in him. From attraction arises desire, the lust of possession, and this leads to passion, to anger.

63 From passion comes confusion of mind, then loss of remembrance, the forgetting of duty. From this loss comes the ruin of reason, and the ruin of reason leads to destruction.

64 But the soul that moves in the world of the senses and yet keeps the senses in harmony, free from attraction and aversion, finds rest in quietness.

65 In this quietness falls down the burden of all her sorrows, for when the heart has found quietness, wisdom has also found peace.

66 There is no wisdom for a man without harmony, and without harmony there is no contemplation. Without contemplation there cannot be peace, and without peace can there be joy?

67 For when the mind becomes bound to a passion of the wandering senses, this passion carries away man’s wisdom, even as the wind drives a vessel on the waves.

68 The man who therefore in recollection withdraws his senses from the pleasure of sense, his is a serene wisdom.

69 In the dark night of all beings awakes to the Light the tranquil man. But what is day to other beings is night for the sage who sees.

70 Even as all waters flow into the ocean, but the ocean never overflows, even so the sage feels desires, but he is ever one in the infinite peace.

71 For the man who forsakes all desires and abandons all pride of possession and of self reaches the goal of peace supreme.

72 This is the Eternal in man, O Arjuna. Reaching him all delusion is gone. Even in the last hour of his life upon earth, man can reach the Nirvana of Brahman – man can find peace in the peace of his God.

For your remembering, so far.

Your’s Everlasting,

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