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Aurora Carlson
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Wow Robin, your time travel adventure book seems to be an adventure in itself! Such fun it is to experience all these linear time events, isn’t it? For you to line up the story of your book, it took words, it took thoughts, it took a structure of concepts… while silence itself is not even touched 🙂 So it is with all our adventures… and like Leonardo’s river metaphor, so too the ancient sages of Vedic times told the story of a yogi meeting Vishnu, who asked him to fetch a glass of water. The yogi went to the river to do that, but on his way he met a girl, he married, had children, had a long happy life, and then that flood you mentioned in another thread happened and he watched the river take all he loved and leaving him on the shores, where Vishnu sat. “Have you fetched my glass of water?” Vishnu asked 🙂

As for deadlines… they make me smile. We can draw lines in the sand and threaten ourselves with death of eternal life if we step over them. Why not? It’s exciting 🙂 I’m sure your project will be finished in the precisely right time!

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