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I see what you mean, Aurora. At that level, it is still about struggle, where at more expanded levels of consciousness, it’s about how we choose to experience things. Fight or flow (or, From Amygdala to Union!)

I agree, for one whose consciousness is nested inside many greater structures (the smallest doll inside one larger, and one larger, and one larger) it is impossible to “see” the bigger picture. As we evolve, we can understand the next lower levels of consciousness, but the higher dolls’ more expansive perspectives are hidden.

Expanded levels of awareness are accessible in the silence (as you pointed out in the thread about experiencing Time). For me, being in silence is timeless. I tap into silence to hear “the small, still voice of God,” which is also my way to tap into the collective consciousness. For aren’t those one-and-the-same?

I love your wish for wholeness as we remember those (in the US and elsewhere) who have served their country, and wish that there will come a time when that service is rendered for the peace and prosperity of all. As you say,

When the hawk carrying a snake and the dove with an olive branch are seen as creations of the untouched Self then the choice between them (or something entirely different) is always easy and playful.

Amen to that!

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