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Ana Sanjuan
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Thank you @jenniferl, @aurorac, @menask for your replies.

I appreciate the reframe from Jennifer:

“I’ve understood it so far as consciousness is the essence of our being; the point from which all other points are created. Similarly, I might ask how do we recognize this highest point? How do we direct ourselves from our highest point? And, what is the vehicle of expression being utilized? How is our vehicle of expression utilized consciously?”

Also appreciate Aurora’s contribution

to be a perfect mindbody instrument of consciousness one needs to walk the path guided by the inner compass. Every one of us starts from a different set of conditioning factors and in order to free ourselves from them we need to take a certain path unique to our personal make up. But in essence, all we need to do is discern between the real and the unreal at every step. Whatever object, thought, feeling or situation we observe, we can ask: is this real?”

Aurora and Jennifer, and others, what would you say are the criteria for assessing whether an object, thought feeling or situation we observe is “real?”

Love- Ana

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