Reply To: Readers Ask: Does Our State of Consciousness Determine Experience?

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Dear Dr. Chopra ( @deepakchopra ),

Thank you for the insight into levels of awareness and how this identification shapes reality. After revisiting this video, and contemplating for a while, I had the insight that our spiritual development, which includes the expanding awareness, is part of the problem and solution to the modern day scientific method. In that, one’s ability to include the Self (as in the Universe as well as the specific You) helps to selflessly steer scientific research for the betterment of all humanity, rather than selfishly motivated for only profit, causing untold harm.

It has also been helpful to recognize that the scientific method can still be utilized at whatever the level of conscious identification…so far as I can see. ;P As Menas Kafatos mentioned, some of our greatest scientists, including Einstein, were intuitive.

Thank you again for your intuitive response!

Much Love,