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Dear @menask & @aurorac ,

Menas wisely mentioned, “The “trick” is to identify true intuition from plays of the mind, which are driven by the ego.”
To which Aurora replied beautifully, “Yes, the trick is to discern which one is the voice of the ego and which one is our true self.”

I just opened the Gita and started reading where my eyes fell…
Bhagavad Gita: 6:35-36

35 The mind is indeed restless, Arjuna: it is indeed hard to train. But by constant practice and by freedom from passions the mind in truth can be trained.
36 Where the mind is not in harmony, this divine communion is hard to attain; but the man whose mind is in harmony attains it, if he knows and if he strives.

You both give us hints.
Menas said that all great scientists trusted their intuition, and “we know if what we intuited was correct from the results[of the scientific method].”
And, Aurora gives us another perspective, “It feels terribly risky to the ego and totally liberating to the Self!”

How to be discerning?

With love,