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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Lindsay:

This lacking you are referring to, correctly, is a fairly recent development in Western culture. It came about most strongly in the twentieth century, continuing into the present century, although it originated in the “Age of Reason” and the classical Cartesian paradigm. It was not the case in ancient Greece. The lacking of the current paradigm is witnessed by the breakdown of just about every institutionalized structure. However, today’s “Western” paradigm is dominant in the entire world. The egoism you are referring to starts from a false identification of the individual and extends to societal, ethnic, national and even homo sapiens’ identification with the local, the transient, the external. Not that these attributes are wrong in their own way, they are not however the complete picture. When we say “false” we mean believing that these attributes are all there is. We are way more than that. We are the Universe!

With love and respect to all,