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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Jennifer and Derek ( @jenniferl @derek-whitney) :

Starting with Jennifer’s last question on how do we remember to note these meaningful events? First, by writing them down, as simple as that. Little by little we will notice they are so many of them, occurring all the time. And as far as escaping the relative perception: We can start by noticing that these perceptions are just experiences, they come and go. They are not to be rejected, they are to be transcended. How? But focusing on the experiencer, the one who is there all the time; the one who has been with you ever since you can remember. And to Derek’s point, yes, we can learn to pay attention when we are interacting with others.

The networking that Jennifer is talking about is everywhere in the universe. It is the working of the third fundamental principle of flow, of interactivity. Yes, it applies to everything and everywhere.

With love and respect,


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