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Hi @aurorac, @celia, @jenniferl, @stevecostello, and YATU community,

I apologize for my delayed response; we had a dear friend stay with us on her visit. ☺ Aurora, I love how you said, “And lately… it’s obvious that it is Being that is doing all the doings anyway, on any level. So I could say that the effort I used to put in achieving my goal of helping people has diminished as the physical has stepped back and the real has become clear.” That is exactly what I’ve been reminded of these past couple weeks! It is my job to hold a desire and to trust and follow with my heart, and the universe’s job to work out all the details! I “simply” need to enjoy the journey!!

I’m not doing any healing with clients, as I’ve been exploring the benefits of energy work for myself. However, as I am so impressed with how it connects you with your True Self while providing you with your unique answers, and how quickly energy shifts and manifests, I am excited to see in what capacity I will be able to bring this knowledge to others to help them manifest their best Selves! ☺

@stevecostello, I completely agree with you that meditation has the capacity to heal our world! In fact, I was just sitting with this truth today! And I would say that we all start in different places; when I began practicing meditation I was all over (mentally and physically) and could hardly sit still. I felt it almost painful not to give into my thoughts or stop meditating to complete a task that popped into my head. We all start somewhere, and it all helps!! ☺ ☺

@celia, I love your question exploring where thought relates to creation; I’ve many times “over-thought” myself out of doing things I later wished I’d just stop thinking about and jumped into!! As Deepak reminds us, our thoughts are not our own. This segues into your question regarding sacrifice; I believe sacrifice is looked at as a loss only if we’re attached to that outcome. Changing one’s perspective from seeing something as a sacrifice to a gift seems to relieve that attachment which is what’s preventing it from being timeless in the first place. Maybe this is because love is the infinite energy. This may sound silly, especially when discussing human lives. But look at the seed “sacrificed” to create that life; what about the millions of ova and sperm that never fertilize; are they sacrificed? And when we try to hold onto a person, we can’t help but focus on the mortality; but there is an infinite nature to each of us, as you discern. @jenniferl speaks to this in her quoting of Bhagavad Gita 2:62-72; thanks for this, Jennifer!! @robin, thanks for touching on this on a political level!! To Celia and others, yes, “The Prophet” was a magnificent read!

Thanks for continuing this critical exploration with me! We are indeed the universe, and how glorious it is! 😀 😀

Light and love,

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