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Our destiny is shaped by the power of our thoughts.
Certain rules apply to convert our thoughts into reality.
Those rules are the natural laws we abide by.
We conceive negative thoughts and our perception about that person,thing or situation becomes negative.
On a neutral plane,no one is bad or good as they think,act and behave from their level of consciousness.
Hence,every act is just a manifestation of consciousness and human behaviour cannot be challenged by our perceptions.
Their reality is controlled by our consciousness and when we try to invade their territory,their reality or their capital,then we should not forget that we are bound to be governed by same laws.
We trust each other because we are still trying to develop an understanding of the consciousness and explore the hidden laws of universe.
In a place full of so called enlightened people,they don’t harbour any relationship with people of lower consciousness.
They make others feel inferior to them inviting their own downfall.
This blog is open to knowledge and points of views and people here are not obsessed with their ego(not superego).

Unlike obsessed superheroes obsessed with their so called spiritual powers,we are trying to observe this universe(both macrocosm and microcosm) from our perspective and need one another for the benefit of whole.
Thank you.

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