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@deepesh I hear what you are saying… especially about natural laws that we abide by. That seems to be the case. I absolutely agree that everyone acts from there level of awareness.

Do you really believe that enlightened people invite their own downfall? I don’t really understand the term enlightenment. It makes little sense beyond Voltaire’s teachings to me. I don’t understand the link between that and some of these modern teachings although I must say, chatting to my mother recently, she has a rather low opinion of the terminology but I think it has to do with here getting one too many news letters from a publisher in the United States. I think it is really a word that now has too many definitions to understand. What does that word mean to you?

This was an interesting statement: “In a place full of so called enlightened people,they don’t harbour any relationship with people of lower consciousness. They make others feel inferior to them inviting their own downfall.” … surely then “enlightenment” is not a higher state of consciousness in this context? I think regardless of your state of awareness relationships with those less aware than you are challenging, but life is challenging, it would be boring if it wasn’t (maybe that is just my preference) but compassion and compassionate action are very natural expressions when one is faced with someone less aware. In my view compassion is not something shown on a small spectrum though… sometimes compassionate action can seem harsh to those that perceive on a spectrum that ranges from positive to negative but that I think is based on their own conditioning. Even empathy, is that not a natural expression to this too… empathy is tough because you know them, you know what they are a feeling, we all evolved from some point, you know their suffering… is it not just a natural desire to one to alleviate someone else’s suffering when you understand to them as an individual there seems to be no way out. I would think people in higher states of awareness seek out those less aware and reach out a hand to help them up given that it is in the best interests of humanity.

That is just my thoughts. Interested to hear more of yours 🙂
Much love

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