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@stevecostello. I enjoyed what you were saying about meditation and its ability to heal through this process. I have been practicing mindfulness meditation, and when I do my thoughts tend to stop, and my body becomes a floating bubble with a beautiful floating feeling. On coming back to my physical state, I feel calmer and centred and have less thoughts that are mind struggling with heart. When I go to work with children as a teacher I find the children become calmer as my mind has very little thoughts of the future or the past, just of being in the stillness of now. Of course I have thoughts but it is as if the mindfulness meditation has brought me to a place and state of awareness that is just simply the now. In saying all this I wonder if there is any person walking around without a thought. Is it possible? If I had no thoughts I wouldn’t be here would I? I do feel that if that thought process of person can be altered through mediation there are many possibilities. WHy is it that we go to a different state when we mediate. In my meditation states I actually don’t always reach the state of no thoughts, its a rarity. What is creating thought?

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