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Hi @aurorac, @anitasanjuan, @stevecostello, @robin, & YATU community!

Aurora, thanks for pulling me into this great conversation! I trust I’m appearing just at the right moment! And how amusing it is for me to look back at the original post dates!

This video was stunning in its clarity of what we perceive to be convoluted concepts, such as Deepak’s great strength! I watched this “yesterday” before visiting a friend and allowed my self to ruminate before crafting my response. This companion is 87 years old, and as I sat next to him at his kitchen table drinking coffee, he said to me, “I can feel time catching up on me. I even feel it in the back of my head. Time catches up with a person, changes a person.” I pointed out that he still did his leg raises every morning and touch his toes! Many people my “age” can’t do that! His speech changed right around his birthday in November from joyous and triumphant to defeated and scared, and since then I’ve watched the weight fall off him, his skin grow pale, and his energy fizzle. I also told him of several people I know who are nearly and over 100 “years old” and said, “You’re here as long as you choose to be!” I continued to help point out his self-defeating talk and encouraged him to replace them with positive ones. He called me today and seemed much more chipper; I hope he can continue to keep his Self on a positive, high vibration and experience all the peace, love, and joy Deepak discusses in the video!

I see this friend’s transformation of his mind-body just as I can reflect upon my own. My friend’s thoughts literally made his body react to a threat, as Ana recognized in her life. As I’ve shared with the YATU community, I grew up with the label of having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; my “old soul” was reflected in my painful, swollen joints and all the language of “I can’t.” Yet there were “times,” experiences in which I forgot about my disability, living in the joy of the present moment. When I would excitedly share the good news of my increased mobility or some other progress, it was dismissed with a “Well, be thankful for your good days, you won’t have many in your life.” Eventually, I started asking why that was so, and how these other people, adult or not, knew more about my own body, my own Self. Once I decided they didn’t, I began peeling away the veils of the ego. Though scary, and sometimes hard to accept the truths I discovered, this liberation had a snowball effect that eventually led me here to the YATU community! I am so thankful for others along my path who have encouraged me to listen to my intuition and follow my path to healing.

Ana, this brings me back to your post. I love your energy, and felt a rush of vibrancy and joy when reading your words! As for your outline, those are the steps I largely followed. To remind me to stop and connect with my true Self throughout the day (and breathe!), I created affirmation flashcards, set reminders on my phone, and created a daily routine of meditation and taking space for my Self. I’m always astonished by how apparent it’s become to those around me when I haven’t given my Self this “time”!

Deepak’s distinction between happiness and joy was also very helpful, and reminds me of a podcast he made discussing the “why” behind wanting something. Do you want whatever it is because of the power/status it brings? If so, that’s from the ego and can always be taken from you. This truth spoke to my core and gave me the conviction to admit that law school was not my path.

Steve and Aurora, I appreciate your convo regarding being attuned to one’s self rhythms and how that plays out in various expressions of humanity. Studying other cultures has been extremely influential in allowing myself to ask questions that led me from bondage.

Robin, thanks for your fabulous response, and I look forward to reading Charley’s and your “time”-travel adventure! ☺ Aurora, I’m similarly sending my gratitude to you for attaching your site, and I can’t wait to explore it!

Thanks to all of you for contributing to positive habits that will impact my experiences and the energy of us all!


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