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Derek Whitney
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Simply and only in Being Love Jennifer.

Spontaneously, in every breath, being appropriately and unlimitedly”
kind, encouraging, supportive, playful, affectionate, inclusive, patient, forgiving, tolerant, accepting, adventurous, acknowledging, appreciating, creative, compassionate, light, tender and reverentially grateful to and for all.

And Being so…gifts us cosmic flow.

Being anything counter ie: annoyed, impatient, anxious, angry, divisive, judgemental, hostile, frustrated, intolerant, bigoted, racist, prejudiced, egoic, loud, bombastic, dominant, harsh etc…causes ourselves cellular entropy which triggers ageing, disease and ultimately the end of our form journey.

Ultimately – whatever the question….the answer is LOVE.

Peace, joy and LOVE to you, Deepak, Menas, Aurora and all the form versions and experiences of our One shared Self.