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Derek Whitney
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Thank you Krishu.
Sharing a helpful perspective on the miracle that all life on this planet is can only be a good thing.
Awakening our species toward returning to living in reverence for all life is the key to human and planetary sustainability.

The divine intelligence that sits behind and within all of the natural Universe is so vast and so obvious…yet it is missed by most, who are lost in human thought, which as Albert Einstein wisely guided:
that by comparison with Nature’s Intelligence, every human thought is of complete and utter insignificance.

As one of your Facebook videos is titled Deepak, ‘Self Knowledge is the Highest Knowledge.’
It can now only be a species awakening to knowing our true One shared Self, that saves us and all species from our unconscious separate selves, who are wreaking havoc, as evidenced in Aleppo, London, in global pollution of the air, water and land so vital to healthy flowing life.

All that we require is and has always been within and perhaps the miracle of awakening to that divine and unlimited truth is possible.

Thanks to all on this forum and elsewhere who are contributing towards that miracle and the possible full realisation of a shared with all humanity and all species Heaven.

Namaste, peace, joy and Love

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