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Hi @ziewatt

I would say thoughts are just timeless, infinite, creative expressions… the same as a flower… they follow the same ebb and flow as everything else really. They stem from consciousness to serve a creative and evolutionary purpose. When they are not required by an individual, they do not have them.

People give thought far too much thought I think 😀 LOL

With regards to your meditation (and I should say I am NOT a mediation teacher of any kind but I am 30 and I have been mediating in some form or another since I was 5/6 quite regularly starting with meditation in movement like Tai Chi, then learning with an Ishaya Monk and eventually TM which I stuck with) that gap between thoughts is transcendence. It is basically a taste of pure awareness (again I stand to be corrected, terminology is not my line of interest).

You don’t go away from your body. You are just experiencing yourself as non local. You are becoming aware of your body inside of yourself. It is very normal as you become more aware especially when you are falling asleep. Although the first few times you might think you are dead 🙂 Don’t panic! HAHA. The first time that happened to me at night, it happened two weeks after started Transcendental Meditation, when I was 17… I had no idea the two were linked until I went for a rounding and spoke to the Siddha’s and more experienced meditators there. Do you meditate using a mantra? A mantra is quite a useful tool although there will be times eventually that you you won’t require a mantra to meditate… that thoughtless state comes rather naturally and you sacrifice it for thought spontaneously when required (or at least that is my experience but I am not expert on the matter).

I hope you find some of that useful Suzie,
Much Love

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