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Suzy, I love your wondering about what trees think. Well worth pondering! A couple of years ago, I was watching a nature documentary on PBS (here in the US–not sure where you are from) called What Plants Talk About. They apparently are not the tall, silent sentinels at all.

A great read based on the same research in Brain Pickings based on a book called, The Hidden Life of Trees. I really need to read Whollben’s book sometime!

I know this makes me a bit odd, but I talk to trees and listen in the silence for what they say in reply. I find there is much wisdom in nature. It may be a human universe, but we can glean a lot from the nonhuman world that weaves us in its web of life, just on different frequencies.

I wonder if others find themselves curious about how we interact with plants and other animals to expand our consciousness, and how we might inspire others to do the same?

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