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@ziewatt I think people like animals and trees etc are nature. That though comes from an intrinsic truth for me because I am from Africa and grew up around wildlife and nature that is hard to differentiate from humanity. I suppose the same as if you take different racial groups and never allow them to interact, one would be afraid and consider themselves different to other racial groups because of ignorance… they are ignorant of their common humanity. When you put people with animals and nature they are not ignorant of the commonality. I grew up in a world where I had as much respect for an insect as my own sister or brothers. I am sharing this because I see that you are from New Zealand. I use to live there. The natural world for you is similar… although you don’t have wildlife and predators so to look at a lion and see yourself would be more challenging because of your conditioning, the natural world is all around you. You literally live in paradise. It is only natural that you would feel apart of that (in my view) Sorry I have a client now so I can’t continue this comment at the moment

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