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I agree that every thought is recycled. The day my nephew was born, I remember he was wrapped in a white cloth and his eyes were closed. The family were in hospital taking turns to hold him and welcome him into this world, and then it was my turn, soon as I held him he opened one eye to see who I am. I believe he already had a “thought” otherwise why open one eye, why did he need to know who was holding him?
For this reason I believe thoughts are recycled and the world, its affairs come to us the second we are born with recycled thoughts, exactly as we do in reincarnation.

Going back to the question “do thoughts influence reality” I don’t believe they do because I have never received what I have given.

I was raised by my late father to give others more than to ask for ourselves.
He believed by giving you are receiving, but guess what? He had a hard life. He never got back what he gave.

I also live my life by this rule, however the concept of what we “give out, we receive” which is the same as “do thoughts influence reality” in my opinion is false because I have not received anything whether, “money, kindness, or support, from anyone since my troubles began with government public service.

People have stopped talking to me, People have stopped inviting me to social events because I have no money and in many cases can’t afford to go.
How then have my thoughts created my reality?

I used to give money to several charities when I was working, not just one charity but to “many” charities because I couldn’t choose or favour one human life over another that’s the person I used to be.

Since my experiences with MPs refusing to help me with a discriminatory case over past 17 years people I know have stopped talking to me. I have not stopped speaking to them. My own family are not supportive because they have their own careers they need help taking off.

We live in a world where bullies and selfish individuals succeed within leadership they in turn impose a false reality, making us believe we created our own reality.

I’m sorry but I have not created my own reality. My thoughts have not created my reality.