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I think I was being a little too self-centred in my previous post, I’ve got major problems with democratic process within my country lol 😂 And got a little carried away with the “giving & receiving” concept of our realities.

Having thought about the question “do thoughts influence reality” again, It is quite possibly they do.

If we are all connected to each other than it is also possible that we can feel each other’s emotions. If we can feel others emotions it is quite possible we can interpret that emotion into thought, unless you are a mind reader, then you know what someone is thinking.

If this is possible and the majority tune into their intuitive abilities then yes I do believe thoughts can influence reality, the reality around us that is (movements).

There are many realities, the material social world, our personal reality and then the spiritual reality. I have not finished reading the book “you are the universe” a little lost as to which reality I am answering.

Having said that, I have a question nothing to do with “thought or reality”,
What if you no longer care about people, are we not being our true self? I mean monks isolated themselves away from ordinary people, I’m not saying they don’t care about people, but they live in their own bubble without a care about the realities of this world. Are we then being our true self if we didn’t feel or cared for others?