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Hi @celia

I’m from the uk. I used to work for public services (a government department). About 17 years ago the department left me on an unsustainable workstation for about a year and I developed musculoskeletal problems, I’m only 4 foot 9. Rather than providing me with a suitable workstation which would enable me to do the job I applied for, they made false accusations against me, one after another, this went on for about 3 years. I didn’t have a job role for 3 years. I resigned. I tried to move on, no employer would employ me because it means they would have to spend a lot of money to make adjustments, I’ve been unemployed for about 9 years.

It gets more complicated because I’m the uk there is no law protecting short people, legally employers are not obliged to employ short people, if I didn’t have a back/musculoskeletal problem this would not have been an issue, but I do now since the injury 17 years ago.

I’ve been trying to get an MP to look at my case regarding disability and injury benefits which they have also refused, but were quite happy to create the injury.

I’m basically “stuck in rut”. The first step would’ve been to provide disability/injury benefits so that I had an income coming in the second would’ve been to change the law and to protect short people from discrimination within employment. Once this has been put in place I’d be free to apply for jobs anywhere.

There is that element of injustice too, because no employer should be able to get away with “disability discrimination” the law is already set regarding disability discrimination.

I knew this would happen 17 years ago (I have logical thought process) and I have been contacting MPs to help me with discriminations and illegal practices within department for about 17 years – the bulk of it 12 years ago.

No a single MP wants to help me I think it is to do with their loyalties with “public services”. If they tell the MP to jump they say how high kind of think. I’ve looked into “democracy” and the “democratic system”, MPs are not allowed to favour businesses or public services over their constituents, especially discrimination cases.

If MPs are going to do what is best for businesses over constituents then “Democracy” is not fit for purpose – I have recently worked this out through my experience.

It’s been an exhausting 17 years and I’m still hitting brick walls.

Anyway thanks for the interest, I feel better when I can get it off my chest.