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Hey @angoorab

Let’s talk about the book first. Reality that is referred to in the question I would say is the ultimate truth or God if you are religious (from my point of view and understanding) What you seem to be referring to is more circumstance and experience. Perhaps read Part 2 of the book and Appendix 1 and 2 first and then move on to Part 1. I am still reading Part 1 but I read it that way because it makes more sense to me to start with reality and then explore that which stems from it.

Moving onto your “thought reality” question. Buddhist Monks are practicing their religion. What you are perceiving as not caring is simply detachment in a more extreme form. You can be detached and still experience emotion, you don’t have to live in a totally neutral state… that is just their path. It is what it is. People like Walt Whitman understood this very well. It is a quest for higher states of consciousness (what they call “enlightenment” which is one of the many definitions of that word). I would not say that they do not care for humanity or for others. Look at the Dalai Lama… he is one of the most political and humanitarian leaders of our time. You seem to be speaking about it more from a perspective of “feeling stuck” though than having a desire to be a recluse. So I will get to that just now.

I wana talk about thoughts, presence and Karma for a second. This is not on the same level as this question. I have a very different view of karma from the traditional ideas but I where I live one of the values in African Spirituality is “collective responsibility”. It has be distorted to justify terrible acts in Africa to very simple and spiritual people by political leaders etc but there is an explanation closer to the truth of the idea. I want to pose a scenario to you. You wake up, get out of bed, hear a noise in the lounge so you go there and your dog and cat are having a go at each other. You intervene and the cat scratches you. It is painful. Unavoidable because the correct decision was to intervene. The circumstance was seemly beyond your control. You acted spontaneously and correctly. That doesn’t mean you were not going to get physically hurt though even though you acted correctly. Now a person who is conscious, aware, present, will feel the pain, experience, focus on the experience, cleaning the wound, dressing it and realizing it to their physical body to heal it. It still might hurt, but they are not resisting the pain. Even though they feel the pain they are still able to experience the joy of living whether it is treating themselves to their favorite breakfast, having a nice long bath with some essential oils or just enjoying the sunshine as they drive to work. Yes the pain is there but the joy of living is there too. Alternatively that person could not be living in the present moment so what do they do? They get angry at the dog, blame it, shout and scream, dress their wound all the time hating and resisting the pain and distracting themselves with angry thoughts. Because they are so focused on the thoughts they are thinking they self sabotage… not just their individual self, but the collective because actions have infinite repercussions. They are timeless.

<Just to stop here I am not saying choosing positive thoughts over negative, this is not relevant, they are both he same thing. I am talking about being aware and present vs being unaware.>

So why are the repercussions infinite? Because in this unconscious state, you stormed out the house and got in the car, reversed out your driveway and the first car you saw did something to annoy you and you hooted and swore at them before you were even properly on the road. That driver was so shocked that they drove to work in a daze and nearly had an accident on the way thus influencing another driver. That driver was a single mother who lost her husband and was trying to support her children. She was working at a law firm but because of her emotional state had made a few mistakes. Because this driver rattled her, she made yet another mistake at work and it cost her her job. She then loses her house. Who child in high school has to drop out and get a job to support her. Every single person they encounter along their lives journeys from the moment you drove out unaware and set this in motion had their circumstances changed because they were all acting unconsciously. That day you go on to alter everyones life that crosses your path and the reaction is timeless. People are being born into this unconscious karmic cycle. No life is insignificant. It alters that of 7 billion and more faster than you could ever imagine. That is collective responsibility. It actually means being accountable to everyone that proceeds you that sacrificed for you to come into being in this form, to everyone on earth at this moment, to everyone that will every be born. To take it further it is about collectively being responsible for all of creation. Something like that gives one a lot of clarity on their own life, existence and importance to the whole of humanity. The fact that you are talking to me here matters. You are literally changing the world through expressions, through learning, through growing and evolving. One could say the Buddhist monks are doing the same even though they seem so detached, they are spiritual leaders in their own right leading with love.

Are you still with me? Okay for the politics… I know you have an election looming and on a personal level I feel your pain and anxiety because we are all there. Right now in South Africa we have a few local elections and it is madness. Today was the worst day in SA politics since we elected a man with over 800 counts of corruption against him as a president. You must know. I even found myself challenging friends of mine in government and in parliament. Experience it, feel it, express it, understand your expressions are going to influence things infinitely but freedom of expression right now in this world as it stands is the only thing that will see us progress. Humanity cannot afford to continue oppressing any aspect of themselves or others.

With regards to work, I understand your challenges and that you are compelled to express yourself. That is perfectly natural. It is probably part of your purpose to lobby this with your MPS which is why you are doing it (and we all lobby our MPS here in South Africa for everything, same political system as you but more intense) but you also deserve to earn a living too and right now. I would suggest exploring many options… even leaning toward business or a form of income that can become passive like Amway. Search online, learn a new skill or do a course, be creative and find what you enjoy and then turn it into money. See what motivates you, excites you and just flow with that. J K Rowling said if it wasn’t for the fact that she hit rock bottom she would have never written Harry Potter. Is there something you have felt compelled to do that you are putting off? Normally when you start doing that thing life starts to flow again (in reference to getting unstuck). We don’t have much in the way of economic opportunity here, we are also in a recession so you learn survival is making your own opportunities while still expressing yourself and lobbying your cause and so others don’t have to.

Speaking about your health though… what do you do for your condition? I don’t just mean medically but also nutritionally, for your mind (motivational wise… although I see you on here so you read good books), meditation, exercise wise… the whole package. Do you focus on that? I know in the UK you have community centers with activities… is there one near you? Do you engage in that at all? Sometimes you just need to break the routine a little.

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