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I guess I was using the butterfly affect as a metaphor for smaller causes can have a greater affect. In terms of generational, the conditioning of a persons upbringing and what choices they have and chooses to do are all interconnected with thoughts and how a person is able to create and make sense of there thought process leads to various choices and patterns of behaviour. I was listening to Deepak on facebook talking about the conditioned mind and our unconscious/subconscious process which eventually becomes a thought and in turn is a behaviour or pattern of thinking. It seems hard at times to move on from our conditioning and this is part of why thoughts continue to come up that are old and of no use. I think you mentioned Celia that we don’t have to have thoughts at all or rather our higher self transcends thought. It seems hard work at times to work through the conditioning of ones generational patterns of thinking that have been projected and unconsciously put there by our own self. At what point does a person follow there own path into the woods so to speak as Jung talked about and realise your own path and let go of all conditioning and false belief patterns. What comes out of a persons mouth is often from the thought that shows the stage of development and thinking process going on. But on the flip side of this we don’t always say what we are thinking do we.