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Dear Deepak and Menas, If we take as truth that our universe is participatory, and that we are all modulations of consciousness experiencing the universe in human form, would it also be accurate to suppose that our current state of the world (and global state of mind) may be a reflection of consciousness deciding that humanity may be a flawed OS (operating system), unable to manage its own evolution into higher consciousness, and therefore at the brink of our own destruction?

In other words, we collectively have agency either to evolve or perish. Perhaps our frustration with the challenges the collective is unwilling, unable, or too asleep to address is bringing us to a point where Consciousness (the true reality in a higher state of awareness) must either wake up or self-destruct.

I have heard we are on the verge of a 6th mass extinction. Each time, presumably, Consciousness has emerged anew as a higher form of evolution (say, for example, dinosaurs to apes to humans). If we destroy our world, perhaps the next evolution, however and wherever that emerges or manifests, will offer a significant upgrade to our ability to act in harmony with the laws of nature, with ourselves and each other as a more evolved species. Maybe we’re looking at Human 2.0.

So in a related question, how do we humans today know that we are not some advanced form of AI, drones or droids whose lives are pre-programmed and who are unable (unwilling? ignorant of?) the fact that we lack independent agency?

Thank you for your reflections (and even that word is interesting in this context–as above, so below) on this question.