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Hi @celia, @ziewatt, @angoorab, & YATU community,

Celia, I love your example about the word “despot” coming to you! That further illustrates the point you were making about thoughts and flowers; we’re all tapped into the true energy source, and the fact that the perfect word expressed itself through you really shows me how infinite our access to that field is! If it exists, you know it on some level because you have an intuitive, spiritual connection to the pulse. You are the pulse! 😀 And thank you for sharing your TM experiences with us; what a fascinating and enriching conversation!! 😀 Your collective responsibility examples are so important!! I really appreciated your posts, and I completely agree with you that, “Humanity cannot afford to continue oppressing any aspect of themselves or others.”

And Suzie, I completely feel you with the peace and even wisdom I feel around trees. There is a lot of research about these magnificent organisms that you should absolutely look into! Specifically, the Heart Math Institute has been looking at the energy feedback we can now detect from trees and what that can tell us about our environment and our Selves. They’re currently spearheading a global initiative to collect energy data from trees to see just how expansive their network and communication is; as we already know, a system does in fact exist. You can find out more about that here:

@angoorab, I am so sorry to hear of your current struggles, and I completely understand your angst. My husband and I have experienced the very thing you have, with losing connections due to our monetary situation and giving more than we receive. Of course, that’s exactly the reality we created for ourselves. I expected that the cash I donated would NOT be replaced by the universe, and so it wasn’t. As soon as I shifted that expectation, my reality followed suit. Another example: I had short, brittle hair for much of my childhood. I was told repeatedly that I would never be able to grow hair past my shoulders because it would continue to break off. I believed what people were telling me, about my OWN hair, my OWN body, believeing they were right. Then one day, I asked myself why. Why couldn’t my hair grow longer? Why couldn’t I be healthier? I stopped focusing on the “can’t” or the closed door, and then took my attention off it. While I did that, the universe gave me my new reality: I CAN and now DO have long, beautiful, strong hair!! I could even do this with an autoimmune deficiency disease—I went from having arthritis and not being able to hold a coffee cup in my crippled hands to having no trace of inflammation in my joints and pain free! This has literally changed my life!! People who have watched me heal still don’t believe it. And that’s the ONLY problem; if you don’t believe it’s so, then in your reality it is a closed door that can never open. You see the world as a big bully right now, and I totally get that. I was homeless as a teenager. I get it. But do yourself a favor: give yourself a hug. Just do it. Hug yourself! Physically wrap your arms around your own body. Say thank you for your self getting you to this place. And know I’m hugging you, too!! Let yourself feel love and acceptance. Keep doing it. And I promise you, you will attract your new reality that you are loved!! And your outer world will reflect this to you more and more the stronger that belief becomes! Please know no matter how alone you feel, we are all in this together; you are loved and supported by souls you don’t even know exist!! Start telling your self the universe will bring you what you need, including income opportunities, and be grateful for what shows up; it’ll start to happen quickly once you let yourself connect to this. 🙂

It all matters. You matter. Your reality manifests into matter. You are the infinite wisdom and beauty of the universe!!

Light and love,

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