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Hi @jenniferl @ziewatt @celia @lilianna-deveneau

I’m not fully awear of “official terminologies” yet, I’m still learning. I agree with everything Jennifer has said. From my personal experiences “yoga” has helped me achieve reaching “enlightenment” and is the process of unconditioning thought. Having said this I didn’t really have a “conditioned” upbringing, even as children we were allowed to choose what we believed.

Although I never had to focus on un-conditioning thoughts, yoga forces one to be in the hear and now. When you perform yoga feeling your internal body (feel your organs, bones, muscles etc) with movement from one pose to another you forget about old useless “thought” and become “being” in the here and now. Your body also creates vibrations, theses vibrations are then reflected externally, allowing to to connect and vibrate with trees, the ground, animals, people and the world as a whole.

This is the only way I know how to explain the process of de-conditioning. There are other factors that are relevant to the process like meditation/prayer and “self discipline”. But yes yoga is the first step, the ready follows.

Jennifer, you reminded me of what I had forgotten. I used to believe “I can” and now I say “I can’t”. I don’t necessarily believe “I can’t” but I say it very often theses days.

Thank you for the reminder. Lovely post ❤️

@liliama-deveneau I sent you a post earlier but I think I made a mistake while typing your username. I’m new to this forum and not sure if I can correct it. However, thank you for sharing your story, you have inspired me in many ways and encouraged me to ask for a little more “materialism” than I normally do. Sending *hugs* back ❤️

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