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Hi angoorab.

I was reading your post back and you talk about some struggles you have had in the past….

If we look at our experiences in life what ever we have, need not necessarily be in your family, things happen in any relationship whether it be work/or person you talk to at the shop every week, that causes some sort of shift within yourself and your thoughts. Through these experiences we make sense of what has happened. Albeit our own perspective. you talk about a struggle and how this has gone on for a lengthy time. Sometimes the experience that you are describning can create a way of seeing things that then can vibrate out,and become your reality, and is in fact and unconscious belief pattern of conditioning that is happening. You also talk about how you change your perspective and through this process by saying “I can”. There is a tool I have used and where I go back in my cellular memory to the point where the experience hits a nerve and I look at why I went through that experience that has now created this thought process about things and why Iam still repeating the same pattern of behaviour or thought process. In your case by letting go and removing the “labels ” from experiences you can see that you have gone through this experience in your life to alter a perception that is an old pattern of belief. It is unconscious and a shift can occur ona cellular level.
Shifts and blocakges to old thought patterns can be healed thorugh this cellular healing.