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Hi @ziewatt

In other words, our “thoughts” are associated with memory of experiences, which are recycled thoughts, this in turn creates our reality?

Now that I understand it, I agree this is self conditioning thoughts and yes, we create “our perceived” reality.

Breaking free from this type of cycle are things like yoga, prayer and meditation because I’ve done it before. I also understand it is not always possible to be disciplined in those areas because I am currently finding it difficult getting back into.
I agree with you maybe I need to stop using certain “words”, recycled thoughts, this is difficult to do when I’m still having to write grievances about the same thing, over and over again. Although I am no longer employed by them, they provide “benefits”, every few years they request a medical assessment and they threaten to stop money coming in. This is why I can’t let go of “old recycled thoughts”. I have refused to attend medical assessment this time becau I don’t want to have the same recycled thoughts. And my MP has let me down. It’s risky because they are in control of whether you live or die.

Now that I am awear of “recycled thoughts” I don’t know how to use words anymore, they’re both entwined. I’ve become very self conscious about the words I now use. Lol