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Hi @ziewatt

I just had a re think about “thought & reality”. I had just finished reading prayers and it suddenly dawned on me, I am reciting a language I do not understand. I am Muslim and I have read the translation of the Quran, a lot of words are negative. How then do negative “words” create our reality?

If you do not understand a word to be negative and believe it is spiritual and positive word how then do you create a negative reality? It is impossible to create a negative reality if you believe a “word” is positive.

I also remember hearing DC in one of his videos say that “words” are human constructs. Words are therefore not natural and cannot create ones reality.

“Words” in my opinion are translated “feelings”. I think if we were to irradiated “negative feeling” around ones circumstance, memories and experiences, this is far more beneficial towards the journey of eradicating “conditioned thoughts”.

What do you think?

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