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Dear @angoorab @ziewatt and the forum,

What an interesting discussion on the interpretation of words as a human construct! <3

How I interpret language is in terms of energy, and that words are symbols of energy. We want to get behind the meaning of the word, regardless of the language or religion, philosophy, etc…in order to derive the word’s engendered meaning, getting back to the source.

When we think in terms of good or bad (duality), that’s the level of awareness we’ll receive – a limited perception in time/space, as many have said.

My experience so far is that we want to see and think in terms of Oneness. Words are neither good or bad, positive or negative in and of themselves; rather, words are symbols to be read for the spiritual meaning behind it. Again, getting back to the origin or wholistic interpretation, as there are seven levels of meaning behind every symbol, so far as I remember.

Dr. Chopra in his FB video today says, “see it for the first time.” In other words, how I interpret this is, what it takes for us to read spiritually; detached from the past and remaining present in the now. Angoorab, as you have mentioned your experience in your yoga practice, where you say you are experiencing the Now. We want to be reading from that point of view.

Furthermore, words aren’t the only symbols. Our life happenings are the greatest symbols we can be reading spiritually to get to the origin behind every form that comes into our awareness; thereby, raising our awareness to higher planes of consciousness, where we can interpret symbols in an awakened state, and make life easier, more joyful, meaningful, purposeful, loving, enriching, dynamic, amazing, etc…


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