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Hello @aurorac @ziewatt @angoorab @ilianna-deveneau and anyone I left out . My goodness there has been a lot of activity and with while I have been gone. I haven’t fully caught up yet but I will. I just spotted the Quran mentioned and wanted to add something quickly before watching a movie and going to bed. So my desktop is covered with translations of The Sacred Books of the East (these are the Harvard University Ones). It is what I consider light reading these days hahahahahaha. Anyway it is my experience that nothing is positive or negative in these texts. It transcends that. You understand them beyond words. It is as if it flows through you, is you and becomes you all at the same time. I have NEVER read any accurate interpretation of these books. The truth is that one cannot academically understand them, they cannot logically understand them and it does not matter how many languages they are translated the truth is not lost.

I never always understood the words so I understand what it is like to try and understand words but that is not the way any person can possibly know the message of this text. It is absolute truth. You know it when you know it. One could perceive any of these texts positively or negatively regardless of religion but the truth is they are based on ancient wisdom passed down through humanity and each forms a key to higher consciousness through knowing not understanding. Any attempts to analyze the text is to lose the knowledge entirely.

Will chat more soon as I am caught up.
Glad to see everyone is doing well. Excited to see all the new ideas.
Much Love