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You have an interesting and alluring idea there Jennifer, that it is in our awakened state that we interpret symbols. Also Celia the idea that it is the knowingness that is on a deeper level in the text of words. What is interesting to me is symbols and how we translate these into our own meaning. Why do we do this? and from where does our understanding stem from. We all interpret things a different way and have a different perspective. What is the great mystery to me is this knowingness that comes out into our consciousness from our unconsciousness. For example I feel the symbolism of a tree represents the ground roots and then is also a relfection for the universe with the branches reaching out skyward to the sun. And then I take this further for me, the sun represents the warmenss of love and nurturing and mother and happiness and also Soul…etc. These are all my inner feelings and on some level my knowingness and the tree and symbol are representative symbols for me of a much greater and deeper sense of myself in the universe. I guess what I am trying to say is that yes we do have symbols in our life whether it is words, thoughts that become a metaphor in our lives. When I think about it more symbols often are a methaphor for something much greater and deeper than we are often aware of at the time. And then we bring it into our reality and go “Oh yes” that’s what it means to me. And it is subjective at times. Because each person has there own perception of what something represents.

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