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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Gary:

With due respect to Spira, I don’t believe that Awareness is defined as something secondary. Awareness is not something that arises from the (finite) mind. It is the source of the finite mind. Awareness is the primary ability to know one’s self and to know others.

Some of the Buddhists call Awareness the One Mind. But we should not attribute anthropormophic connotations to the One Mind, Awareness or Universal Consciousness. The non-dual school of Shaivism which accepts both the reality of the many but as aspects of the non-dual Supreme Consciousness (what I term Awareness) and the absolute reality of Supreme Consciousness, talk about the finite mind as being the cause of bondage; however, in its basic nature even the finite mind is like the Supreme Consciousness, the One Mind.

No need to complicate matters too much. Defining one thing which is primary in terms of secondary things, leads to confusion.

Love and blessings,


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